Cupcakes for Kelly’s Book Club Meeting

These colorful cupcakes and little party favors were done for my friend Kelly. She was hosting a monthly book club meeting for her girlfriends at her house and wanted something special. The occasion also included the birthday celebration of 6 of the participants. Most of the cupcakes were decorated with a single colorful sugar paste flower in pink, orange or yellow. Some I added a butterfly and 6 were the special birthday cupcakes that I topped with candles and name initials. The cupcake flavors were the ever popular yellow cupcake filled with dulce de leche and frosted with vanilla italian merengue buttercream, lemon cupcake with lemon curd filling frosted with lemon italian merengue buttercream and coconut cupcake with pineapple filling topped with cream cheese frosting and coconut flakes.The favor little boxes contained the famous, at least to most Brazilians, sweet treat called brigadeiro ( which is a mixture of cooked condensed milk and chocolate rolled in to small rounds and coved with chocolate vermicelli.



Glitter and Gold – Graduation Celebration

When I started thinking about Fabiane’s graduation cake, I knew for sure I didn’t want to go with the usual graduation cap and diploma decorations. I wanted a more sophisticated and mature concept for the cake. So I came up with gold and glitter stars for a job well done. Here I am using glitter again! Not only glitter but gold glitter and gold accents.

In addition to the cake, I made  celebratory hostess gift cupcakes. These chocolate cupcakes are one of my favorites. Moist chocolate cake filled with brigadeiro filling and frosted with chocolate meringue buttercream.